The Bhairavnath Sugar Works Limited (hereinafter referred as “BSWL” or “Company”) enjoys a legacy of making a positive difference in the areas of socio – economic development of the less privileged communities and other stakeholders, by being a responsible business entity through adoption of appropriate business processes and strategies and by carrying out various initiatives towards its social obligations towards society in the vicinity of locations of the manufacturing plants of the Company as well as in other locations.

At Bhairvnath Sugar Works Limited, our belief is that our work is not over when we report profitability to our shareholders. We believe we are equally responsible to contribute to the society within which we operate. We believe that development of the communities in which we operate will result in the empowerment of not just the people in these communities but the nation at large.


  • The Company draws its inspiration for conducting CSR activities from Mr. Tanaji Jayawant Sawant, Chairman of the Company. The focus of CSR activities undertaken by BSWL is and will be on Education, Environment and Health, Eradication of poverty, uplifting of living of poor etc.
  • The Company is committed to uphold the interests of all the stakeholders by implementing the guidelines given in the Business Excellence Model.


A. Funds to be expended per financial year :

  • The Company shall spend at least 2 % (two percent) of the average net profits made by it in three immediate preceding financial years, in every financial year.
  • Any income or surplus arising out of CSR activities undertaken by the Company will form part of the corpus earmarked for CSR activities.
  • Any surplus arising out of any of the CSR activities carried out by the Company will not be treated as part of the business profits of the Company.

B. Distribution of Funds to be expended every financial year :

  • The Company, contribute programs that positively impact the well being of the people and sections of the society that need intervention to better their prospects such as Tree Plantation, Samudaik Vivah Sohala, Water Tank Distribution in rural area, Donation of Ambulance Vans in rural area, etc. The funds available for CSR will be expended in the manner as may be decided by the CSR Committee.
  • These CSR initiatives may be carried out through various programmes / projects, preferably which are located / operate from the vicinity of the various manufacturing plants of BSWL.


  • The CSR activities of the Company will be monitored by the CSR Committee. The Chairperson of the CSR Committee shall submit his report to the CSR Committee, setting out details of CSR activities undertaken and money expended towards these and the outcome of these activities where possible.
  • The Company shall:
    • where required, create a working group to develop the CSR Commitments of the Company;
    • include employees in the process of implementing the CSR activities being carried out by the Company.
    • review the CSR priorities to determine which codes of ethics or conduct fit best with the Company's goals.

Name : Mr. Tanaji Jayawant Sawant
Designation : Chairman
DIN : 00937674