Bhairavnath Sugar Works Ltd was incorporated in the year 2000. The Company has started its business under the Dynamic Leadership of Mr. Tanaji Jayawant Sawant and his Professional Team in 2008-09. The Bhairavnath Sugar Works Limited, the pioneers in manufacturing of sugar and allied products. In addition to sugar manufacturing, our company also has facility for co-generation and selling of power. The company has its corporate office at Pune (Maharashtra). The Company has four sugar plants, which are

S.No. Units Address
1 Sonari S. No. 68, At Post. Sonari, Tal. Paranda, Dist. Osmanabad, Maharashtra.
2 Vihal S. No. 148, At Post Vihal, Tal. Karmala, Dist. Solapur, Maharashtra
3 Lavangi At Post Lavangi, Tal. Mangalvedha, Dist. Solapur, Maharashtra.
4 Washi Kai Bhai Uddhavrao Patil Nagar, Washi (Tandulwadi), Tal. Washi, Dist. Osmanabad, Maharashtra. (A sugar plant at Washi is operated on lease basis.)

These plants have an aggregate sugarcane licensed/ installed capacity of 9750 TCD (Tonnes Crushed per day) in the season 2014-15 and produce three type of sugar. The Company generates close to 41 MW of power from the bagasse produced in its sugar plants.