Research and development is a major thrust area, as our company believes in the process of continuous innovations and capacity building. Our Research & Development activities are generally related with improving the quality of soil and sugarcane, improving the yield for the farmers, ensuring better quality for our products, increasing output and integrating modern technologies with the existing processes. Our activities in this regard have played a significant role in improving efficiency, quality and output. Farming community and other people associated with us have also been benefited by them.

As innovation is the key to further growth, our company has established a full-fledged wing to carry out activities in different areas of agriculture technology, biotechnology and manufacturing technology. A laboratory is also in place for development of pesticides.

Some of the steps taken to strengthen our R & D activities are:

  • Interact with sugarcane scientists/ research to educate in-house staff and farmers about new technologies in sugarcane cultivation, innovation in sugarcane research and modern farming practices.
  • Educate farmers on adoption of crop rotation and adoption of cultural practices for control of insects, pests and diseases.
  • Create awareness about improved cultural practices of sugarcane cultivation to obtain better yield, as well as better quality of cane- research to facilitate better vertical growth of cane, etc.
  • Adopting latest technologies for juice and syrup/melt clarification.
  • Adopting latest development, latest instruments, Tools, Application Machineries for improvements of product quality.